Course Description

Plays are more than just activites in a cadence. Plays require a six step process to build and optimize. We call it CLOSERS because if you build plays right you can close more deals. Each letter stands for a different step to optimize your sales plays. 

C = Campaign - This is your theme or strategy

L = Leads/Lists - This is who you are targeting

O = Offer - This is the assets you have available

S = Skills - This is your ability to write strong emails and say valuable things.

E = Effort - This is the activities you perform.

R = Results - These are the numbers you're watching.

S = Systems - The systems needed to accomplish the play.

Playbooks allows reps to build and and execute successful plays. In this course you find the best practices plays that have led to millions of dollars in new pipeline. 

In this course you'll get access to:

- Best practices plays to help you build quality pipeline

- Research-based plays to contact and qualify your prospects

- Our favorite customer plays that have led to success 

Head of InsideSales Labs

Gabe Larsen

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Cadence Audit

    • Note from the Author

    • How to Get The Most Out of This Game Plan

  • 2

    The Starbucks Coffee Play

    • The Starbucks Coffee Play

    • The Starbucks Coffee Play Template

  • 3

    High Quality Marketing Generated Leads

    • Sales Cadence Research Play

    • The Sales Cadence Research Play Template