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BANT, ANUM, GPCT, you’ve heard the terms but you might or might not understand what they mean. They are all qualification models that different companies use to qualify prospects. The problem is nobody, knows how to use them. They are just terms people write about and complain about. In this session, Gabe Larsen, Director of Labs tackles the topic of which model is most appropriate and then shows you how to actually build a qualification model into your day-to-day activities to help you sell more.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • What is BANT
  • The reasons and research to move from BANT to ANUM
  • How to build a qualification table that can be used in your qualification process

Head of InsideSales Labs

Gabe Larsen

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here

    • Note From the Author

    • How to Get the Most Out of This Game Plan

  • 2

    What is BANT

    • Introduction

    • Moving from BANT to ANUM

    • Understanding BANT

  • 3

    Building a Qualification Table

    • Overview

    • Building the Table

    • Adding Questions

    • Scoring the Qualification Table

    • The Model

  • 4

    Putting Qualification into the First Call Sequence

    • The Basics of the First Call Sequence

    • Example One

    • Example Broken Down

    • Example Two

    • Summary

  • 5

    Tightening Your Qualification

    • Best Practices of Qualification

    • Knowing When to Disqualify

    • Closing

  • 6

    Additional Resources

    • Slide Deck


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Learned a lot

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